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We start with the venerable ES-412 Cleancut, which for more than a decade has been the best personal shaver on the market. First branded as Seiko, then Seiko S-Yard, then Izumi and now a house brand of the well respected ID Corp., the ES-412 has never been improved on, until now.

At Spiral Shaver™ we have developed a series of improvements to the core technology (rotary shaving mechanism) of the ES-412 that fundamentally improves its performance. These improvements take the form of two levels:

Level I: In a Level I Modification we attach a small brass weight to the blade assembly. This unbalances the blade assembly, which spins during operation. This unbalancing causes the unit to vibrate, not necessarily an undesirable behavior in a personal shaver. But more importantly, as the weight spins it pulls the shaver head in micro circles. When you move the shaver back and forth, it produces a “spiral” movement of the shave head. This spiral effect presents the hair at multiple attack angles to the shave head, thus vastly improving the odds of the foil capturing and cutting the hair... Level I Shavers qualify for a Six Month Parts & Labor Warranty when the Serial Number is Registered on this Site.

“I received the Level II Modified Complete yesterday and wanted to let you know how, at first blush, I really like this. I had been shaving with the standard ES412 for about 6 months after being disappointed with the "Body Bare." This modified shaver shaves close and I am very pleased....This is a great modification and I just thought you would enjoy the feedback. This is a great personal shaver.  I use it daily.  Thanks!”

Level II: First, to be clear, a Level II Modification shaves no better than a Level I Modification. It is simply a more refined product. Beginning with a Level I modified shaver, the primary additional feature of a Level II is the installation of a “bounce” bearing in the upper body cover. To conserve battery power we have designed a small clearance between the bearing and the drive shaft. This means that in normal operation the shaft spins freely inside the inner bore of the bearing, reducing friction and prolonging battery life. If for any reason the shaft should vibrate beyond a predetermined level, the shaft will briefly touch the inner race of the bounce bearing where the momentary drag will immediately dampen fluctuation’s of the drive shaft. Level II Shavers qualify for a One Year Parts & Labor Warranty when the Serial Number is Registered on this Site.